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(**For various reasons, it may be necessary to change the schedule. Please check back for updates/changes.**)

August Rush.jpg

June 6, 2023

August Rush, 2007
8:30 pm, or Dusk

Rating: PG
Run Time:  114 minutes (1 hour, 54 minutes)  
Genre:  Musical / Drama
August Rush is a 2007 musical drama film directed by Kirsten Sheridan and produced by Richard Barton Lewis. A musically gifted orphan, Evan, runs away from his orphanage and searches New York City for his birth parents. On his journey, he's taken under the wing of the Wizard, a homeless man who lives in an abandoned theater. After discovering his talent, the Wizard gives Evan the name "August Rush" and devises a plan to profit from his talent. Little does Evan know that his parents, Lyla and Louis, are searching for him too. The many different sounds and rhythms he hears throughout his journey culminate in a ma
jor instrumental composition, which concludes the film ("August's Rhapsody").
Mild violence, language
Cast: Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell, Terrence Howard, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Robin Williams


Truman Show_edited.jpg

June 27, 2023

The Truman Show, 1998
8:30 pm, or Dusk

Rating: PG-13 
Run Time: 103 minutes (1 hour, 43 minutes) 
Genre: Comedy/Drama
He doesn't know it, but everything in Truman Burbank's l
ife is part of a massive TV set. Executive producer Christof orchestrates "The Truman Show," a live broadcast of Truman's every move captured by hidden cameras. Cristof tries to control Truman's mind, even removing his true love, Sylvia, from the show and replacing her with Meryl. As Truman gradually discovers the truth, however, he must decide whether to act on it.
Cast:  Jim Carey, Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich, Natascha McElhone, Holland Taylor, Ed Harris


Secret Life of Walter Mitty.jpg

July 18, 2023

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, 2013
8:30 pm, or Dusk

Rating: PG
Run Time: 114 Minutes (1 hour, 54 minutes)
Genre:  Comedy/Fantasy/Adventure
Walter Mitty, an employee at Life magazine, spends day after monotonous day developing photos for the publication. To escape the tedium, Walter inhabits a world of exciting daydreams in which he is the undeniable hero. Walter fancies a fellow employee named Cheryl and would love to date her, but he feels unworthy. However, he gets a chance to have a real adventure when Life's new owners send him on a mission to obtain the perfect photo for the final print issue.
Language, Action/violence, some crude comments
Cast: Ben Stiller, Kristen Wig, Shirley MacLaine, Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn, Sean Penn



June 13, 2023

Catwoman, 2004
8:30 pm, or Dusk

Rating: PG-13
Run Time: 104 minutes (1 hour, 44 minutes)
Genre: Action/Crime/Fantasy
Catwoman is the story of meek, mild-mannered artist Patience Philips, who works for Hedare Beauty, a mammoth cosmetics company on the verge of releasing a revolutionary anti-aging product. When Patience inadvertently happens upon a dark secret her employer is hiding, she is attacked and killed. But Patience is given a second chance - a second life in which someone not quite human resides. Someone with the strength, speed, agility and ultra-keen senses of a cat. With her newfound power, Patience becomes Catwoman, and sets out to stop Hedare's callous plan to unleash an appallingly dangerous product into the world.
Violence, some sensuality
Cast: Halle Berry, Benjamin Bratt, Lambert Wilson, Frances Conroy, Sharon Stone, Alex Borstein, Michael Massee


Top Gun_edited.jpg

July 4, 2023


No movie screening on this date. Enjoy your holiday! 

The Book of Eli.jpg

July 25, 2023

The Book of Eli, 2010
8:30 pm, or Dusk

Rating: R
Runtime 118 minutes (1 hour, 58 minutes) 
Genre: Action/Adventure
Thirty years after war turned the world into a wasteland, a lone warrior named Eli marches across the ruined landscape, carrying hope for humanity's redemption. Only one other man understands the power of what Eli carries, and he is determined to take it for himself. Though Eli prefers peace, he will risk death to protect his precious cargo, for he must fulfill his destiny to help restore mankind.
Brutal violence, Language, Death

Cast: Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson, Gary Oldham, Jennifer Beales


The Greatest Showman.jpg

June 20, 2023

The Greatest Showman, 2017
8:30 pm, or Dusk

Rating: PG
Run Time: 105 minutes (1 hour, 45 minutes) 
Genre: Musical, Biography, History, Drama
Growing up in the early 1800s, P.T. Barnum displays a natural talent for publicity and promotion, selling lottery tickets by age 12. After trying his hands at various jobs, P.T. turns to show business to indulge his limitless imagination, rising from nothing to create the Barnum & Bailey circus. Featuring catchy musical numbers, exotic performers and daring acrobatic feats, Barnum's mesmerizing spectacle soon takes the world by storm to become the greatest show on Earth.
Cast:  Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson


Top Gun.jpg

July 11, 2023

Top Gun, 1986
8:30 pm, or Dusk

Rating: PG 
Run Time: 105 minutes (1 hour, 45 minutes) 
Genre: Action/Adventure
The Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School is where the best of the best train to refine their elite flying skills. When hotshot fighter pilot Maverick is sent to the school, his reckless attitude and cocky demeanor put him at odds with the other pilots, especially the cool and collected Iceman. But Maverick isn't only competing to be the top fighter pilot, he's also fighting for the attention of his beautiful flight instructor, Charlotte Blackwood. 
Language, death, sexual, intense scenes, drinking/sm
Cast: Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Anthony Edwards, Val Kilmer, Tom Skerritt, Michael Ironside


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